Rémy Martin XO Cognac

 Rémy Martin Fine Champagne XO Special



Rémy Martin XO Cognac700 ml, Blended 40% vol

A sumptuous blend of opulent aromas and velvet textures.

The blend: Cognac Fine Champagne, 85% Grande Champagne, 15% Petite Champagne.
The colour: Fiery mahogany. 
The aromas and flavors: Fruity notes with ripe fruits of late summer – juicy plums, ripe figs, candied oranges. 
Floral notes: Heady touches of white flowers such as jasmine and iris. 
Oaky notes: Freshly grated cinnamon and hazelnuts. 
The texture: Velvety. 
The finish: Velvety, rich and lingering.


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