The Thirsty Fox Lo-Cal

The Thirsty Fox Lo-Cal



The Thirsty Fox Lo-Cal330 ml, Blended 2.5% vol

Style: LO-CAL is a new age creation - Low Alcohol and Low Calories The beer world is on a retreat in terms of alcohol (ABV) and inevitably its calorific value. Lighter beer styles are popular and in demand for many reasons, yet not easy to perfect. Our brewing team has found a solution, maintaining flavour and aroma and body, without its usual support by higher alcohol content and more rest sugars. Hereby we stay committed to the claim of low alcohol and a significant reduction of calories to under 100 kcal per serving of LO-CAL.

Aroma & Taste: The challenge for the brewer is to maintain flavour and mouth feel in a beer with low alcohol and virtually no sugar to boost body. Delicate noble hops in harmony with pale malt is the reason for this deliciously crisp and balanced refreshment. Tropical notes and citrus confirm its authenticity to the flavours of our Island Paradise.


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