The Thirsty Fox Saison Ale

The Thirsty Fox Saison Ale



The Thirsty Fox Saison Ale330 ml, Blended 5.5% vol

Style: Our Saison Ale is brewed with various barley malts including Vienna malt which lends the beer a bit of an orange colour. Saison beers are fermented with a special Belgian yeast allowing the beer to attenuate fully, making it a dry and less filling beer.

Aroma & Taste: ABV is around 5.5% and is well hidden in the sweetness of Cara malt supported by wheat malt lighting up the sensation. The Fox Master Brewer has added a Mauritian twist to it! During the brewing process we do not only use the finest hops but also infuse orange peel thereby enhancing citrus flavours and a touch of coriander...

Food Pairing: The spicier the beer the spicier the food. Merge your hotter food creations with our Saison Ale. Mauritian delicacies from the deep blue compliment this Seasonal.



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